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If you are interested in vending at Black Coffee Fest 2022, please complete the questionnaire below. If approved, the Black Coffee Fest committee will send you a confirmation email with instructions to confirm and submit vendor fee. 

After submitting form, Please send up to 2 High quality images of your logo and products to with your name as the subject

Please fill out information as you would like to see it on promotional material

Thanks for applying! We’ll be in touch soon.


1. Vendors are allowed a maximum of one vehicle at a time on the 1st floor of the Ali venue during set-up and take-down.


2. All vendors must unload within the designated space provided by Black Coffee staff within 15-20 minutes of check-in.


3. Once your vehicle has been unloaded please park your vehicle on the top level of the parking structure.


4. Upon returning from parking, please begin setting up merchandise in your designated space.


5. NO vendor vehicles are allowed in the downstairs parking area of the Ali venue after 9:15AM.


6.Vendors who have not checked-in by 9:00AM will lose their space, and it will be assigned to someone on the waitlist. *This counts as a no show, and no refund will be given.


7. Black Coffee Fest will open promptly each day at 10:00AM.


8. No illicit drug paraphernalia, weapons, weapon replicas, or adult material, may be sold. No Drugs or Alcohol are allowed on the premises. The sale of counterfeit or stolen goods and the sale or use of drugs is prohibited and is subject to loss of selling privileges, arrest and prosecution.


- Black Coffee Fest will take place rain or shine!


- The approximate space for indoor vendors is 6ft x 4ft.


- Outdoor vendors will be provided with a 10ft x 10ft tent.


- Approximately 30 vendors will be located inside our private event center and approximately 10 vendors will be located outside in the parking lot. Tents will be provided for the outside vendors.


- Vendors are responsible for providing tablecloths We request each vendor use a floor length black tablecloth. Below is an Amazon link to a floor length black tablecloth: HERE


- If accepting cash, please bring your own change.


- Please bring trash bags so you can properly dispose your trash during and at the end of each day.


- Due to the limited number of outlets, electricity will be available on a first come first serve basis.

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